Volunteers Make our Club Great


Volunteer Opportinities

  Here are just a few of the ways that you can be a part of the Club and help create change in our community! If you have other ideas for volunteering with the Club, please talk to us about them—it’s pretty likely there’s a way for you to help!    


  Commitment: 1-2 hours per day, one or more days each week (minimum) for at least 3 months.   Interact and build relationships with Club members as  individuals and in small groups over time. You may start by shooting some pool, playing cards, or even playing  video games. Over time the relationships you build will leave members looking forward to your next visit and will help them make good choices in their lives.    

Homework Help

  Commitment: 30-60 minutes one or more days per week   Help members with their homework. This  is a help to parents and our members. You can help  elementary, middle school or high school students  

Hang Out for Fun

  If you're not sure if you’re able to commit to be a  mentor, but want to help out, we can schedule you for “drop-in” time to play games and hang out with Club members. What you do and who you see may change every day but the fun will always be there!       

Share your Skills

  Do you have a special skill or interest that you would like to share? Art, fitness, music, cooking, education, and more! Let us know what you’d like to bring to the Club and we can work with you on making the most of your time and expertise! Activities run from 3:30-5: 00 Monday - Friday   


 TECH HELP  Are you good with computers? We need help with our website and set-up and maintenance of our  Club technology   

MEALS PROGRAM    We serve dinner everyday and often do cooking projects with the kids. We can always use an extra hand in the cutting up fruits and veggies, serving meals or helping with the dishes.       

Volunteer Opportunities at the Boys & Girls Club

Download a Opportunity Guide or a Volunteer Application

volunteer handbook (pdf)


trifold volunteer opportunities (pdf)